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    Private sector

    You have arrived to Abkhazia like a free - wheeling holidaymaker...

    Tourist information

    Passport If you want to enter Abkhazia via Russia you should have Russian... detail...


    accomodation List of hotels where English speaking administrator will... detail...

    Tourist routes

    Tsebelda Valley

    The Military-Sukhum road, historically known as the Misimiyanskaya...

    Adventure travel

    Valley of Seven Lakes

    This fairly simple walking route runs from Pyv (Anchkhou, Chkhy)...


    The Sukhum Waterfront

    The heart of Sukhum is its waterfront. Before the Revolution it was...

    Tourist places

    Pitsunda Cathedral

    The cathedral, consecrated in the name of St. Andrew...



    If you want to contact us, you may write a letter ...



    DesktopsPhotos of the most beautiful sceneries of Abkhazia
    The official tourism website of the Republic of Abkhazia, produced by the State Committee for Resorts and Tourism, is the only official and current resource that provides comprehensive information about Abkhazia's resorts and tourist attractions.

    The website includes practical information for tourists, contact details for official agencies, and maps and descriptions of popular tourist destinations and routes, including routes for adventure travel.

    The historical section contains extensive information on the history of the region, the emergence of Christianity, the formation and development of the Abkhaz state, and the republic today.

    Feature stories discuss Abkhazia's top attractions and events in detail. Audio and video materials supplement your own experience and knowledge about the country.

    Each section has unique photographs, prepared especially for the website. You will see a bird's-eye view of Abkhazia, visit the mountains, the rivers and the sea, and see places unlike anywhere else in the world.

    All information provided has been produced specifically for the website, based only on proven facts and current data.

    All sections of the site will be regularly updated and expanded.

    Welcome to Abkhazia, the land of soul!

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    Aslan Gogua, Project Manager
    Milana Khintba, Editor-in-Chief
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