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    Private sector

    You have arrived to Abkhazia like a free - wheeling holidaymaker...

    Tourist information

    Passport If you want to enter Abkhazia via Russia you should have Russian... detail...


    accomodation List of hotels where English speaking administrator will... detail...

    Tourist routes

    Tsebelda Valley

    The Military-Sukhum road, historically known as the Misimiyanskaya...

    Adventure travel

    Valley of Seven Lakes

    This fairly simple walking route runs from Pyv (Anchkhou, Chkhy)...


    The Sukhum Waterfront

    The heart of Sukhum is its waterfront. Before the Revolution it was...

    Tourist places

    Pitsunda Cathedral

    The cathedral, consecrated in the name of St. Andrew...



    If you want to contact us, you may write a letter ...



    DesktopsPhotos of the most beautiful sceneries of Abkhazia
    You can develop the routes of active tourism on your own - all you need is comfortable clothing and shoes, a good physical form and intellectual curiosity.

    For more information about the routes, please contact the State Committee on resorts and tourism of Abkhazia Republic in the security department of tourist travels:

    t. Sukhum, Mira st., 119.

    Phone: +7-840-226-19-39. Mobile.: +7-940-992-37-49.

    If you plan a more difficult and long journey to the mountains, then you should notify the Emergency Management Agency of Abkhazia.

    The Emergency Management Agency of Abkhazia:

    t. Sukhum, Konfederatov st., 12
    г. Сухум, ул. Конфедератов, 12
    Telephone dispatcher's service: +7-840-229-75-57, +7-840-226-30-49, 01.
    Mobile: 001

    To visit the caves of Abkhazia on your own, without excursions, you also need to reduce to the security department of tourist travels of the State Committee on resorts and tourism of Abkhazia Republic.
    The application form can be downloaded here.