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    You have arrived to Abkhazia like a free - wheeling holidaymaker...

    Tourist information

    Passport If you want to enter Abkhazia via Russia you should have Russian... detail...


    accomodation List of hotels where English speaking administrator will... detail...

    Tourist routes

    Tsebelda Valley

    The Military-Sukhum road, historically known as the Misimiyanskaya...

    Adventure travel

    Valley of Seven Lakes

    This fairly simple walking route runs from Pyv (Anchkhou, Chkhy)...


    The Sukhum Waterfront

    The heart of Sukhum is its waterfront. Before the Revolution it was...

    Tourist places

    Pitsunda Cathedral

    The cathedral, consecrated in the name of St. Andrew...



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    DesktopsPhotos of the most beautiful sceneries of Abkhazia

    How to enter Abkhazia
    If you want to enter Abkhazia via Russia you should have Russian double or multiple transit or visa to be eligible to enter Russian Federation again after they return from Abkhazia.

    Visa to Abkhazia
    Information required for application:
    Below are mandatory requirements for all applicants applying for visa to Abkhazia:
    - Scanned copy of applicant\'s passport.
    (*Please make sure that your passport is valid at least 6 months after you are planning to enter Abkhazia).
    - Recent photo of applicant is not obligatory but appreciated.
    - Electronically filled and submitted Application Form (*Please make sure that you give complete and detailed information in section 35. [Purpose of visit] in the Application Form).
    *On receiving duly submitted documents Consular Service usually needs 5 working days to process the request. As soon as Clearance is ready an applicant will be contacted by the consular officer and entry permit letter will be sent to him/her by fax or e-mail.
    The Entry Permit Letter (Clearance letter) only serves as entrance permit to Abkhazia. The clearance reply could be received by e-mail or phone. Usually it is simple message saying that you can enter Abkhazia.
    *Please note that after you enter the Republic of Abkhazia you need to proceed to the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia to obtain the actual visa which will serve as an exit permit document. *If there is some information missing or application is not filled dully the Consular Service does not guarantee that visa will granted.

    Note: Application Form could be downloaded only in .DOC format and submitted electronically. Those who apply in Russian language having no Cyrillic font installed may fill in the form using Latin letters. Applicant may fill and save the Application Form on his/her computer and e-mail it together with scanned passport and recent photo attached. Applicant may also print the filled Application Form or fill printed Application and send it by fax.
    We issue two types of visas:
    - Single and multi-entry visas;
    - Transit Visas;
    (*Please make sure that you have visa of the country of destination).

    Note: Please consider with comprehension if some additional information is required by the consular officer. If you have any questions or you do not receive your Clearance Letter in time please never hesitate to contact us.


    Without a visa 

    Nationals of the CIS countries (Commonwealth of Independent States) can enter and leave Abkhazia without

    a visa:
    Russian Federation